Soldiering On – A Great Success

The Old Rectory’s Soldiering On event took place on Friday 29th June, celebrating 100 years of the RAF and commemorating 100 years since World War 1.

The day began in the cinema, listening to Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s great speech, while the staff stood to attention in their military ensembles. The speech was followed by a showing of the 1956 D-Day film on the cinema screen and then the morning was rounded off with a War Time Special of Bolty’s Kitchen, a popular cooking demonstration and wine tasting activity. Bolty’s Kitchen served up some eggy bread grilled cheese sandwiches to get people’s appetites going for a war time lunch menu.

After lunch the staff and residents moved into the gloriously warm and sunny back garden, which had been decorated with air raid shelters and sand bags, the Churchill Inn was serving Harvey Wallbanger cocktails and a NAAFI hut was serving tea, coffee and lemonade.

The Old Rectory team took it in turns to take centre stage and dazzle their audience of residents, friends and family with their impeccable impressions of war time classic entertainers such as Bing Crosby, the Beverly Sisters, Vera Lynn and the Glen Miller band.

When the entertainment came to a close, the NAAFI hut served an afternoon cream tea. The day came to a close with a war time comedy showing in the cinema.

Overall, Friday was a great day. The weather could not have been better, the staff and residents, friends and family all enjoyed themselves, and it was all done to help raise money for Help for Heroes.

The Old Rectory are still collecting for the cause and you still have time to donate either at their front desk, or online at

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