Why Choose Us

Why choose us

Southern Healthcare is highly committed to raising the quality of life of Residents within our Homes.
In each Home, our teams collectively work well together for the benefit of our residents, ensuring that days are filled with meaningful activities, loving companionship,spontaneous kindness and fun.

  • We also strive to involve the families and friends of our residents in regard to the care of their loved ones.
  • We hold regular relative group meetings to plan activities, trips and events to ensure that our residents will enjoy and cherish their time with us.
  • Many of our practices relating to day-to-day routines have evolved from the suggestions and requests of our residents, families and staff and this is an on-going practice
  • The Homes efforts are highly focused upon prioritising the benefit to our residents and how this is done reflects what residents and relatives have asked us to make happen
  • We have put ideas and working practices in place so that relatives can be reassured and residents can benefit fully on what is being offered and provided.
  • We ensure relatives and residents can trust that our values are in line with their own
  • People feel confident we will contact them should they need to know more information